Our Offerings


Annual Maintenance Contract is a service which in corps promptness, effectiveness, systematic, reliable, customized solutions and completion of work on Stipulated Time.

  • Periodical assessment of healthiness for various electrical installations
  • System stability & Reliability checks for electrical installation
  • Online, Offline calibration of energy meters
  • Retrofitting and refurbishment of switchgears and CRPs
  • We provide high quality Service, Overhauling & maintenance of all m
    types of HV / LV of Circuit Breakers
  • Service, Overhauling and rewinding of HT & LT motors
  • Overhauling of Power Generators up to 30 MW
  • Overhauling & refurbishment of (400/220KV Class) Line Reactors up to 50 MVAr.
  • Manpower assistance for short term requirements.
  • Trouble shooting of schematics.
  • Third Harmonics & leakage current measurement of LA’s.
  • Condition assessment of electrical equipments like power transformers motors,generators,breakers CT’S,PT’S,CVT’S isolator LA’S.