Commissioning of Protection Systems


We do Configuration, Testing & Commissioning of Protection Relays

Our Expertise team has strong knowledge to work on any Relays of different manufacturers

Our Engineers are versatile on mapping of Goose Signals on Numerical Relays with IEC 61850

Wider knowledge to work from Electro Mechanical relays to latest development of IED

Power system protection training carried out with dedicated real time test bench at our facility as well customized training program on on-site for industries, utilities & Institutes.

Our Factory Acceptance Testing Team (FAT) will verify the newly manufactured and packaged Control & Relay Panels, which meets its intended purpose.

Expertise in Protection Systems

Relay Manufactures

  • ABB
  • Siemens
  • Schweitzer
  • Rey roll
  • Alstom
  • Schneider Electric
  • Nanjing Nari
  • Beckwith
  • SifangBeckwith, Woodwards
  • L&T, C&S and JVS Relays

Software Proficiency

  • PCM600
  • Digsi 4 & Digsi 5
  • Ascelerator
  • Reydisp Evolution
  • Enervista
  • SE Easergy Studio
  • Micom S1 Agile
  • PCS Explorer
  • Zivercom Plus
  • IPScom

Different types of Protection schemes and its Protections

  • Line / Distance Protections
  • Generator Protection
  • Auto-recloser Function
  • Differential Protection (Generator, Transformer, Busbar, Motor & REF)
  • Bus Bar Protection
  • Motor & feeder Protection
  • Pilot – wire Protection