About Us


Testing and commissioning of Electrical installations up to 765KV, with 2000+ expertized Engineers. At any calendar day our engineers will be working over 450+ project sites across the globe. We are rendering electrical services of turnkey solutions for all industrial projects and gained vast experience.

We provide Testing & Commissioning Services as per IEC/IEEE standards

  • Substation Equipment in AIS &GIS
  • Ensure the healthiness of Components to be installed
  • Integrated testing of various unit protections
  • Pre-commissioning & commissioning assistance
  • End-to-end test & commissioning between substations
  • Post commissioning support & coordination with LDC/NDC for data acquisition
hvdc sub

We provide following Testing & Commissioning Services as per IEC/IEEE standards

  • Thyristor Converter and inverter Valve Towers/Valves
  • Valve and Pole Controls
  • Valve based Electronics
  • Fiber Optic Systems/Protection Systems
  • Station Alarm Systems
  • Dynamic Reverse Power Sharing Controls (DRPS)
  • HMI Equipment
  • Cooling Control & Equipmetns
  • Control for back up Generators
  • Verifying healthiness of Alters
  • Cooling Plant Commissioning
  • Healthiness and functional Checks of Thyristors

We provide following Testing & Commissioning Servies as per IEC/IEEE standards

  • Testing of Solar PV Modules, trings
  • Testing of Solar Inverters & Batteries
  • Testing & Commissioning of Balance of System
  • Thermography Inspection Using IV Curve tracing of PV modules / strings
  • Operation & Maintenance of Solar Plant
  • Annual Maintenance & Periodic check-up
  • Performance testing & other Support Services such as
  • Design Validation
  • Load flow & Power Loss Analysis
  • Efficiency Calculation
  • Harmonics Analysis & Mitigation
  • INFYJOB recognise and finds the importance on its growth and adding values as services through all possible entrants.
  • Testing and Commissioning of electrical Installations
  • Testing and Calibrations of relays and meters during maintenance
  • Annual Operation and Maintenance of E&M installations
  • Providing electrical maintenance services for Traction Over Head Equipments and Power Supply Installations
  • Providing Technical, Clerical Staff and Office attendants for project office