Training Modules

Customized Power System and Engineering training for Industries, Utilities and Institutes with dedicated team


✔ We are providing Comprehensive Training on power system Testing & Commissioning and protection relay’s of different manufacturer’s.

✔ Engineering and design training on E-Tap (Load flow analysis, Short circuit analysis, Network modelling, Harmonic study, power factor improvement, transient stability, arc flash study and power system study

✔ Topics are specially designed to provide a strong foundation on the fundamental principles of Testing and commissioning with control and protection systems.

✔ Training sessions are handled by experienced trainers containing valuable information & more of a discussion based training.

✔ Real time integrated testing of CT, PT, CB, HV Testing and Transformer testing

✔ Hands on training provided which involves configuration and communication of protection Relays with various manufacturers’.

✔ Customised training module is also provided based on individual requirements

✔ Industrial visit’s to our manufacturing units (Transformer/Switchgear/CRP & Relays/ Battery Chargers/Flame Proof) to enhance the knowledge in design & manufacturing of electrical equipment’s.